Print Ad Design

“Print ad must be eye-catching and attractive to draw the viewer’s attention”

Print ad has meaning is a message and a composition layout for an advertisement placed in the print media. In this type of advertisement designer component combines photography, graphics and text. The weight of each component is different.

A good print ad should have stopping power that can make the reader stop turning the page print magazine or newspaper it. Therefore the design of a print ad should be eye-catching and attractive in order to attract the attention of the reader.

Have a good print ad and appearing in print media match with our target market is one way that will help increase sales. Placing print ad regularly will strengthen our brand in the minds of our customers well.

Print ad a medium that we can use to communicate with our customers or prospective customers. There are several advantages from it among others, the messages can be stored for a long time did not like the message in television commercials that are just a snap. in addition to the messages we convey through print ad can be viewed using a long time, what will I say is the readers will be able to see and read our print ad for several minutes until they understand get our message. however all of those things will be possible if they are interested in our print ad appearance.

Therefore it is very important to have an attractive appearance and interesting message for a brand to be able to take the maximum benefit of a print ad.