Catalog & Flyer Design

“A well designed catalog & flyer is the best way to introduce your company to your potential customers”


Publications catalog is a tool used by the company as a way to promote their products and services. Graphics enables a wide range of companies to inform potential customers and existing customers about the price and features of their products in order to boost their sales. Catalog is a means for companies to present in detail the range of products and services directly to customers.


Some say that the term derived from the way flyer distribution in the era of World War 1, with scattered from a plane! At that time the flyer to be a very effective propaganda tool. Then what is the content of the flyer? That certainly vary, depending on the importance of using the flyer. However, the main element is the dominant information. Be it in the form of text and visual. Flyer basically created to inform as well as a persuasive approach, to encourage or even form an opinion for many people.

Brochure (also pamphlet)

Brochures are normally more sophisticated than flyers and more expensive to produce. As much time, effort, and expense can go into producing a quality brochure as producing a short video. Businesses produce millions of brochures every year, and a skilled brochure writer is well paid.

Brochures are used as sales or information resources that may be retained and read a number of times by a specific audience. They’re commonly displayed in racks at airports, hotels, and doctors’ offices, but as random as this seems, it’s expected that only the people interested in the subject of the brochure will take one.

They’re not intended to be throw-aways. They’re widely used as follow-ups to initial sales contacts and as supplementary information sources. An insurance company, for example, might use one brochure as a sell-piece and later mail a different brochure to provide details of its policies to a person who has indicated interest.

There is no limit to the size or shape of a brochure, but the most common format is a single sheet of paper folded once – to create four panels – or twice – to create six panels. The first format is most often called one-fold or bi-fold. The second one is usually called tri-fold or tri-panel.

No real difference although a brochure is usually of higher quality than a flyer, is often a letter size sheet folded in thirds, where a flyer is folded in half, and is made available on racks or displays rather than being bulk mailed or distributed randomly by hand as flyers are. None of these is conclusive, however.