Artwork Ahmad Rio Mario

Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; this article focuses primarily on the visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including banner design, catalog design, packaging design, web design, merchandise design and other visual media.

Artwork is illustrative work prepared for reproduction that may consist of drawings, hand lettering, paintings, photographs anything that is not typeset as only text. The final artwork (called camera-ready artwork) usually includes instructions for color registration and color matching.

Here in this part, Ahmad Rio Mario share some of his artwork from his experience try to impress you by his great sense of art.

Digital Media
Digital media design currently popular and needed by many companies in line with the rapid growth of e-commerce businesses in the world. Digital design itself has the following definition, all forms of graphic design which implemented on Internet-based media including website design, newsletter design, design ads that are placed on the website and so forth.Website design today can be grouped to a wide variety of categories. One of which is the company’s website. This kind of website design … more>>
Logo Design
If you think the trademark only needs to represent a company then you are wrong! A nicely created design has many impression upon customers so that people can become loyal to brand name. There’s no doubt that some of the finest designs of logos exist in our times and it is only because of the design that we remember a brand very well. Some of those designs are completely simple yet very compelling and sturdy. Generally, companies believe that the more complex and intrinsic … more>>
Merchandise Design
Back in the 70′s when George Lucas made Star Wars, he didn’t ask 20th Century Fox for a director’s fee. Instead, he negotiated with the studio for a percentage of the gross profits and the merchandising rights. Thought to be virtually worthless, these rights made George Lucas a billionaire. That’s the power of merchandising. And to wield this power, you need the best merchandise design. … more>>
Catalog and Flyer Design
Some say that the term derived from the way flyer distribution in the era of World War 1, with scattered from a plane! At that time the flyer to be a very effective propaganda tool. Then what is the content of the flyer? That certainly vary, depending on the importance of using the flyer. However, the main element is the dominant information. Be it in the form of text and visual. Flyer basically created to inform as well as a persuasive approach, to encourage or even form an opinion … more>>
Banner and Poster Design
The starting point was the discovery of the emergence poster lithography technique (print) and chromatography (coloration) in the late 1780′s. In the mid-19th century (in the 1800s) began many posters were made in Europe. In 1866 Julius made ​​Cheret’s 1000 poster for the promotion of exhibitions, theater performances and other products in Paris. The fundamental difference with other promotional media … more>>
Print-Ad Design
A good print ad should have stopping power that can make the reader stop turning the page print magazine or newspaper it. Therefore the design of a print ad should be eye-catching and attractive in order to attract the attention of the reader. Have a good print ad and appearing in print media match with our target market is one way that will help increase sales. Placing print ad regularly will strengthen our brand in the minds of our customers well… more>>
Packaging Design
The way any product is packaged and looks on the store shelf plays a big part in whether or not shoppers will be interested in buying it. If the packaging looks drab and boring, shoppers will overlook the product on the shelf and pick up something else. Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale and use. A Good packaging is packaging that can visualize the ‘brand’ or help branding a product, and … more>>